A short & simple announcement

Dear Internet,
We just wanted to let you know that we have decided to close Mocoro for further business and instead move on to other things. Thanks for your support and looking forward seeing you soon again!

Stay yellow like a paprika!

Hugo Ahlberg & Eduard Prats Molner
Mocoro - 30/5 2008

Mocoro used to be:

Hugo Ahlberg
Interactive Art Direction & Design

Eduard Prats Molner
Flash development & Programming

Mocoro used to create websites like:

  1. AAA Arquitectura
  2. Cicatriz SS08
  3. Alex Prager Photography
  4. Filippa Smedhagen Sund
  5. Cicatriz SS07
  6. Mocoro Splash
  7. Cicatriz FW07
  8. Kockum Communication
  9. AAA Arquitectura - splash page

Alex Prager Portfolio launched!
Breaking and Entering